Wednesday, October 06, 2010

How CHEAP mobiles and CHEAP calls ve changed the world around.

  • In older days people at railway stations/compartments were fighting to refill water bottles, now they fight for charging mobiles.
  • Unless objected scratchy noise from mobiles, often playing apparently catchy tunes at public places are acceptable. Once objected you are ANTI SOCIAL.
  • Arbit peoples can stop you on the way, act being in distress and ask you to use your phone to call the rescue rangers. (You will mostly help, though you are very tempted to scream out that mobile phones are meant to be private and all calls are not by default free or 1p/s.)
  • You can cross the busiest road crossing, ride a moving bus, study, eat, sleep and do all other things with the ear plugged to pair of white wires. This automatically powers you to be LOUD, if u r on a call. You are allowed to do this till you are killed on a road accident or like.
  • If you have a feminine voice and received a call from wrong number; possibility that you will get follow up crank calls, often at odd times. Can lead you to change your number too. Remember call are now free or 1p/s?
  • Dare you know the callers location from the phone number. Gone are the days when all numbers start with 9 and roaming cost you a bomb.
  • Person walks up to you and asks for a Nokia Charger or the one which is often different from yours. You end up with a sorry smiley and polite NO.
  • You no more wait or wish for an SMS.


sunilsamuel said...

liked ur blog byline.....if at all it this is after a long long time :P.....good one ;) I can so identify with pt. 2....(Infy breakfast mornings:P)

bhavin said...

you go to a bhel wala and wait for him to finish his (mostly long distance)call before you can order something.

your rickshaw wala pulls over the rickshaw much before your destination and attends his (again long distance) call!

You call your kaamwaali baai to confirm if she will be coming for work on time today or not. She says she will be little late today and will prefer only sweeping the floor and will not wash any clothes today!

Your baai comes out of your bedroom (in the morning after finishing sweeping) with a cell in her hand and says she wants to make a call but doesn't know how to unlock this phone. You look at the phone, it looks like yours.. IT IS!!!!!

Your chemist tells you he will call you when your medicine becomes available with him.

The travel agent calls you to confirm if you have left home, your bus will be leaving in next 15 minutes!

Your 7 year kid uses ur phone to call his 6 year (girl) friend to invite her for playing (video game?)