Wednesday, October 06, 2010

How CHEAP mobiles and CHEAP calls ve changed the world around.

  • In older days people at railway stations/compartments were fighting to refill water bottles, now they fight for charging mobiles.
  • Unless objected scratchy noise from mobiles, often playing apparently catchy tunes at public places are acceptable. Once objected you are ANTI SOCIAL.
  • Arbit peoples can stop you on the way, act being in distress and ask you to use your phone to call the rescue rangers. (You will mostly help, though you are very tempted to scream out that mobile phones are meant to be private and all calls are not by default free or 1p/s.)
  • You can cross the busiest road crossing, ride a moving bus, study, eat, sleep and do all other things with the ear plugged to pair of white wires. This automatically powers you to be LOUD, if u r on a call. You are allowed to do this till you are killed on a road accident or like.
  • If you have a feminine voice and received a call from wrong number; possibility that you will get follow up crank calls, often at odd times. Can lead you to change your number too. Remember call are now free or 1p/s?
  • Dare you know the callers location from the phone number. Gone are the days when all numbers start with 9 and roaming cost you a bomb.
  • Person walks up to you and asks for a Nokia Charger or the one which is often different from yours. You end up with a sorry smiley and polite NO.
  • You no more wait or wish for an SMS.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

ah...i loved the honesty.

Back to design! 

Browsing through arbit blog came across this packaged drinking brand called "Tap'D NY". what is great about the brand is the honesty in which they proclaim its Purified NY tap water.Ah that sense of pride of being New Yorker. Absolutely simple, crisp and direct piece of message.Equally direct is the disclaimer/tag line No Glaciers were harmed making this water

Read more about them at their site, which seem like a blog roll of the good name they acquired in the media circle.

If you want more ,here are some more packaging design examples (to copy).

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Error mssg i got in a web page.
OMG where from the earth u got this? get me the person who has written this at the fist place!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Quote of the day

"If you give peanuts you will find monkeys at work"
Some brave soul had told this to the boss in the office.
So true!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

5 Things that have changed since Sunil left

1. Wake up at 6.40 and still catch up the morning bus :)

2. Super scared of loosing / leaving room keys at office desk :(
frantically search for keys each time I leave for the day

3. Getting undivided attention of Anu and Vamsi in the cubicle. :(
Though Anu have stopped asking questions, Vamsi have started asking them

4. Net download speed have doubled :)

5. Sri and co gives me company in the breakfast table without a fail…:(
where from the earth he developed this idea that I might need the company first thing in the morning.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Corner Office!

If you look back on your life
What do you remember?
The corner office.... the hell you hit it so right? I vee been seeing this Tata Safari ad for quite some time now, but never did it seem so true like its today...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go Chase you Dreams!

Life doesn't really always take you to the desired places. You hope for things, you prey for things, you see dreams for things....and then u suddenly realise u has landed in a place which is no way nearer to the things u ever hoped or wished. But then there is an uneasy comfort and peace in this place. You stay glued to this place. Enjoy the uneasy calmness, kill your dreams, sulk, slog, smile and perish. So many of these tombstones, I see all around. Pretending people with artificial smiles and black hole inside.

Then there are people who jump to the turbulent river ahead, try to swim, get drifted by the current, may get drown. Some might also manage to cross it and reach the desired land. Who knows? I don’t know how it feels to jump into the uncertainty from the shore. How might it feel to win or loose after you jumped. All I know is there must be a satisfaction. Satisfaction that I chased my dreamed.

Yesterday while giving VD the emotional farewell, these are few thoughts that lingered. Dude u really has taken a great jump swim across and reach where you dreamed to be. My wishes are with you.